Tempest Technologies, LLC, is not just an Audio-Visual system integrator. We are a service company as well. And we do not just service the systems that we design and install. From the early days, Tempest has wanted to set itself apart from other companies, providing a “one stop shop” for all aspects of the A/V industry. Service is a key component of what we can do, and we do it well.

Over the years, Tempest Technologies has serviced systems regardless of who completed the installation. Sometimes resources like drawings, diagrams, manuals, source code and configuration files may be unavailable. The equipment could be something that we have not worked with before. The workmanship of the installation may be below industry standards. These unknowns make servicing some systems a challenge, but one we enjoy.

We meet the challenge head-on by doing everything we can to prepare for a service call. We gather as much information as we can before we go to site. We investigate the symptoms of the problem and reach out to manufactures. We learn as much as we can about the site location, the room type, and how the system is being used before we send out a technician.


In addition to preparing for a specific customer’s needs, Tempest invests heavily in industry training by manufactures. Having well trained and experienced technicians on staff ready to be deployed to meet the service needs of anyone who calls us is important. This enables us to be comprehensive and thorough in our service abilities.  

The most important aspect of service is Tempest’s team approach to meeting and exceeding a customer’s needs. The service staff often collaborates with other service department members, with the designers and engineers, and with the project managers and sales team. The service technicians are backed up by the entire Tempest staff who regularly collaborate to share and build on resources.


If you are having difficulties with your current A/V systems, Tempest is here to help. Contact us for more information.