Tempest Technologies Deploys Planar Clarity Matrix Video Wall for T-Mobile Fault Management Group

When T-Mobile approached Tempest Technologies to replace their mis-matched and aging systems the design goal became clear. Improve visibility, streamline usability, and give users the flexibility to see the content that is important to them.

Our design group specified a 3x5 Planar Clarity Matrix video wall, fed by custom-built computers. This system allows for a variety of display modes including one-to-one (apps to displays), one large image, and various 2x2 or 3x3 configurations; allowing the group to adapt the system to their needs as they monitor critical events.

To ensure ease of use, the system is fully controllable by a Crestron 10-inch touch panel, allowing users to recall the various system presets, adjust power scheduling for various shifts, and control audio routing and volume of the sound reinforcement system.

In order to minimize downtime, Tempest put in place temporary monitoring in front of our work area to keep the group operational while the new system was built. Now that the installation is complete those monitors will be removed, and content will be routed to the new video wall. The users have been very pleased with the planning, installation, and final result!

Big thanks to our installation team for capturing in-progress photos. Our customers know what we do but don't often get a glimpse into how we do it. Here you can see our completely custom video wall structure, cabling, and in-progress installation. Click to enlarge.

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